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Bougie Without Breaking The Bank: More Decor, Fewer Dollars

accent chairs
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There are few things more mischievously pleasing than someone coming into your home and being like, “Omg, that accent chair is amazing!”

You know it is. You smile devilishly and thank them, knowing in your heart that you got it for $5 at a yard sale last summer. But, they don’t need to know that, do they? They certainly do not.

About 22% of homeowners in the United States spend somewhere between $2,000 and $5,000 on furniture and decor for their living rooms. We aren’t saying a healthy splurge on sofas, sectionals, and dining room sets is off limits, but you can definitely get detail pieces like accent chairs and end tables for bargains.

We know just where to look, too.

Your Neighborhood

Everyone is looking to get rid of something. Some people are looking to get rid of a lot of things. Sometimes the best pieces are repurposed curbside treasures. Other times they’re that funky pair of accent chairs from the 70s that’ll give your living room just the right pop of weird-chic to make people jealously ask questions. And you found them at a garage sale.

Estate Sales

Go to one sometime. Barring the slight uneasiness of the general concept and idea of estate sales, you stand to acquire furniture that may otherwise cost a fortune (antiques and the like). Have a look around and get something. Many estate sale purchases come with stories that are begging to be heard and shared. It’s pretty cool to be a part of that.

Shopping Local

Local artisans, craftspeople, and furniture dealers will always have something to cherish. Supporting local businesses and artists is an amazing way to make your home decor stand out from the rest. You can even have furniture pieces commissioned and still pay less than some luxury stores. Plus the local element is always an excellent conversation piece.

Home furnishing can be an exhausting process. The point is that it’s a process. In the same way that home ownership is an adventure filled with hills and valleys, decorating the space is, too. Putting some extra effort into making it a cozy place to be from wallet to wardrobe to wall art is the best way to chic living that you’ll never want to stop showing off.