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It’s Not 1950, Embrace Your Grown Up Space And Design Your Domain Accordingly

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Remember your grandparents’ house? Remember how just-so everything was as if it hadn’t changed in 50 years? That was then and this is now. Modern furniture has evolved so much that those dusty, ill-used dining room sets are making space for something new rather than seating ghosts 360 days a year.

Even furniture stores are falling behind to online stores who are growing at an annual rate of 16.6%. But, like, what’s making your place any different than your grandparents’? Having modern furniture and interior decor doesn’t mean abandoning tenets of old, merely giving them a fresh breath of life.


Say goodbye to ancient dining furniture. Tapas is in. Social dining spaces are wonderful for entertaining. Rather than the rarely used dining areas of yore, having a standing eating-and-drinking space to fit dynamic gatherings around a smorgasbord is a perfect way to entertain, eat, and play.


Statement pieces, maybe that accent chair you were drooling over? Get them. Don’t ditch the comfort a living room demands, but a few pieces that pop are everything you need to throw some life into your living room. Go ahead, get that ceiling suspended basket hammock, people will get in line for it. Having foundational comfort in your living room is key, but accenting it with modern furniture that captures your vibe, which champions comfort whether entertaining or popping corn for Netflix.

Go outside

Whether or not you have a lot of outdoor space, take advantage of it. We know not everyone has a private outdoor courtyard, but we’re not talking patio brunches in the Hamptons. Some of the coolest places in the world are cafes, bars, and restaurants with metal furniture on cobblestones in alleys. Build the beauty of your outdoor space, no matter where or how much it is.

Your home doesn’t have to be little boxes made of ticky-tacky, little boxes all the same. Take lead, scour Instagram and Pinterest, and try something new. The worst that can happen is that you aren’t a fan of a look. There are millions of looks out there and all you have is time. Build your space and make it unabashedly you.